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Eno Fruit Salt Is Great For Fast Relief From Indigestion, Heartburn And Flatulence. This Eno Fruit Salt Provide Symptomatic Relief From Indigestion, Flatulence And Nausea. The Refreshing Formula Works Quickly And Effectively To Neutralise Stomach Acid And Bringing The System Back To Normal. If You Often Feel Discomfort Or Pain In The Upper Chest Or Abdomen, Chances Are That You Have Suffered From Indigestion. The Most Obvious Symptom To Look Out For Is A Feeling Of Being Bloated Or Very Full. Many People Mistaken Indigestion For An Ailment Resulting From Overeating, But This Is A Myth Because You Can Get Indigestion Even If You Eat Very Little. Quick Relief Is All That You Want When Suffering From Indigestion And This Is Exactly What ENO Provides You. As Soon As You Get That Bloated Feeling After A Meal, Have A Glass Of ENO And You Will Feel The Difference Immediately. ENO FRUIT SALT


  • Dosage-One level teaspoonful(5g) in a glass of cold water.Repeat in 2-3 hours,if necessary.Do not make more than 5 doses in 24hours,if symptoms persist,consult your doctor.


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